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Leaflets, Flyers, Posters.

Choosing a leaflet size and paper quality can be confusing as not everyone is familiar wiith paper sizes or gsm. So before you start here is a quick guide.


The thinnest paper is 115gsm and the thickest (card) is 400gsm.


How thin is 115gsm? If you hold this leaflet up to the light you will see through it, it is not always ideal for double sided leaflets. However it is very good for large distribution runs. Good for fairs, night clubs, hand-outs etc.


135gsm & 170gsm leaflets. This are both ideal for any form of advertising, 135gsm is a very popular choice and is what we regard as a standard leaflet quality. A 170gsm leaflet is a very good quality leaflet and again suits all form of advertising, great if you want to create a good impression.


Anything 250gsm and above is where card starts. A 250gsm leaflet would be impressive, however if you were giving out wedding invitations 400gsm would be the best quality.


Paper sizes are really easy. If you base everything on an A4 sheet of paper you cannot go wrong.  A4 is a standard size sheet of paper used everyday for letters, the paper in your printer etc. If you fold an A4 in half (top to bottom) it becomes an A5, fold it again and it becomes an A6 and so on. If you put two A4 sheets of paper together is becomes an A3, double an A3 and you get A2 and so on.

If you are still unsure please contact at info@bognorprint.co.uk and we will be more than happy to advise you on the best size and paper to use